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Children Learn to Love Themselves

Succat Shalom is the first Emergency Center established in Israel to protect children declared as being in-danger.   The comprehensive intervention program established at this Center has been replicated in all newly founded Emergency Centers.

What We Do: The Center provides all of the child’s physical, emotional, therapeutic, medical and scholastic needs. Children are nurtured; they undergo diagnostic evaluation and treatment as required while living in a warm, safe environment. Our work is conducted on multiple levels to ensure rehabilitation and the child’s ability to progress toward achievement of a more positive future. Our care enables children’s condition to stabilize (following the acute effects of inflicted trauma) to the point in which they are able to advance to a new level. Children are fostered in one transition home from the time they are removed from the dysfunctional dangerous home in which they last lived, until placement in a safe permanent home.

Serving the Community: On a parallel level, we operate a family rehabilitation Center.  This out-therapy unit provides parental nurturing as well as professional therapeutic intervention to develop skills necessary for adults to function as parents.  The Center provides intense hands-on training for  parents of Center residents and additional welfare families referred to our care.  The goal is for children to live in a safe home upon return to their parents’ home, whenever this option is viable.

Who We Serve: Our children have all undergone severe trauma.  The Center serves up to 16 children at any given time; the average number of beneficiaries per annum/ per center is 32. Children reside at the Center between six and twelve months.  Children are generally classified as CPTSD (complex-post-traumatic-stress-disorder) because the trauma that they experienced was inflicted by a family member.  They tend to suffer from ►Significant emotional deprivation and inability to connect with others ►Developmental deficiencies and communication disorders► Behavioral difficulties► Poor physical health and meager basic life skills► Multiple scholastic deficiencies

The Israeli Ministries of Welfare and Education provide funding for basic program elements at this and all BILY residential programs. The dedication of Center staff augmented by the devotion of volunteer financial and operative partners enable all BILY Centers to provide their trademark outstanding care.

Impact:  Program impact can best be revealed via the message transmitted by a Succat Shalom girl at her Bat Mitzvah ceremony (conducted and funded by Center friends).  She said “When people love me, I learn to love myself”  at Succat Shalom she found  people who loved her.

Staff of the Center