about Moadoniot

Social, Therapeutic and Educational Mentoring to Success

Centers nurture, educate and treat abused and/or neglected children & youth from dysfunctional families.

Our Goal:  The moadonit objective is to facilitate the child’s normal development, to improve interfamilial relationships, to provide a rewarding learning experience at school and to mainstream the child into regular extra-curricular educational programs.

Who We Serve: Beneficiaries, ages 3-16 are referred by welfare authorities, as a last chance solution that will enable them to remain within a community framework.

What We Do:  BILY Moadoniot provide specific promotion of each participant in accordance with a tailor designed treatment plan.  We operate utilizing a multidimensional approach that includes individual work, group work, and educational activities; we involve parents in the children’s educational progress through both ongoing reporting and through programs to enhance parent-children relationships.

How We Do It:  BILY Centers are all furnished and equipped to ensure a warm welcoming environment.  Upon arrival children  are provided with appropriate clothing if they have arrived in torn or unsuitable clothes,  a hot catered lunch, counseling, scholastic assistance and organized activities as well as personal one-on-one time with their counselor (often the favorite time of day for each child).  The Centers social worker makes home visits at each child’s home and works with parents to enhance parenting skills.  Center staff implements parent-child activities throughout the year.

The proven Moadoniot model was developed by BILY professionals in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and Jerusalem Municipality leaders in 1976.  This model has been duplicated to many locations.  Today, BILY operates 19 Moadaniot throughout East and West Jerusalem.

Staff of the Center