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A Positive Future is Possible

Shari’s House was established by the State to protect children declared, by the court as “at danger in their home”.  Shari’s House is classified by authorities as a transitional home.  It serves abused toddlers, ages one through six;  it has continuously been serving ± 22 children annually, since its inception in 1985.

What We Do: As in all of our residential programs, the Center provides all of the child’s physical, emotional, therapeutic, medical and scholastic needs.  Children are nurtured; they undergo diagnostic evaluation and treatment as required while living in a warm, safe environment.  The “time out” and immediate care received at our Centers enable children’s condition to stabilize (following the acute effects of inflicted trauma) to the point in which they are able to advance to a new level.  The comprehensive care at our Centers ensures that children are not juggled from one placement to another (as was often the case before development of the BILY model).  Children are fostered in one transition home from the time they are removed from the dysfunctional dangerous home in which they last lived, until placement in a safe permanent home.

The Doctrine: The House functions in accordance with the “Child Time” doctrine that aims to decrease the amount of time that each child spends in a transitional home.  The underlying principle of all House activities revolves around the staff’s ability to emphasize their personal connection with “the child in them”.  This connection enables staff to treat children with warmth and affection that ensure children’s ability to endure the complexity of their emotions.  To ensure that this principle is upheld, all professional staff undergoes special training to help connect to “the child in them” and to learn therapeutic techniques in which this positive state can be transmitted to the child. Parental intervention is implemented at Ohr Center (see in Community Programs).

It’s Possible:  Despite the extremely difficult home situations that prelude children’s entry to Shari’s House we are very optimistic regarding prospects for their future.  When traumatic elements are caught and treated at an early age, the opportunity to achieve turn-around is great.  Although our children may live their lives with the scares of their early childhood – rehabilitation and habitation in a positive living environment with a loving family that has obtained tools of parenthood is possible thanks to Shari’s House intervention.

Staff of the Center

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